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Top Download Sites

  1. Download    -   CNET
  3. Adrenaline Vault Games Magazine
  4. BHS 32 Bit Download Center
  5. Bottom Dollar
  6. - news on software bugs and tips on fixes
  7. CWSApps
  8. Win-Shareware
  9. - the download planet
  10. DaveCentral Shareware
  11. Download Games NOW!
  12. - games, winsock section, desktop application section and internet utilities
  13. Download Microsoft Internet Explorer Software
  14. Download Netscape Software
  15. NewApps Software Archive
  16. Download Warehouse Software Store
  17. Dr. Download
  18. Fast FTP Search -
  19. FileDemon - searches the top six file sources on the Internet.
  20. FileDudes - download software based on your operating system.
  21. FileFarm
  22. File Mine - search and browse for downloadable files.
  23. Filez - search page with an index of over 60 million files and all the popular corporate and shareware sites.
  24. Freeware - "Freeware and Shareware Rated and Reviewed"
  25. Galt Shareware Zone
  26. Gamecenter
  27. Game Domain - The Gamer's Choice
  28. Game Genie
  29. GameGuides
  30. GameSpot
  31. Gamer's Inn, The - gateway to the world of gaming opens to demos, shareware, live chat, contests and other goodies.
  32. GameWeb - game-related search engine
  34. HENSA - archive of software for all operating systems, from the Higher Education National Software Archive (HENSA).
  35. JavaBoutique
  36. Jumbo - freeware and shareware for Windows, DOS, Mac, OS/2, and Unix.
  38. My Shareware Page
  39. NewApps Software Archive
  40. Nonags
  41. Oak University Software Repository
  42. - "The site for all your Windows95 requirements!"
  45. RealPlayer - Ver. 5.0
  46. Software Shak, the
  47. - More than 170,000 files are available.
  48. Shareware Place
  49. Shareware Shop
  50. SlaughterHouse
  52. SoftwareBlast!
  53. Stroud’s Consummate Winsock Apps - File listings, ratings, and extensive reviews for the best Windows 95/98/NT (32-bit) applications and Windows 3.x (16-bit) apps are just a few of the site's many features.
  54. TUCOWS - Winsock Software
  55. TuDogs - Gratis Software
  56. TUKIDS - children's software
  57. - keep your PC working at peak performance
  58. Versions - track your favorite software and receive free e-mail whenever the developer announces an upgrade.
  59. WS_FTP32 - Windows Sockets File Transfer Protocol Client
  60. Washington University at St. Louis' FTP Archive - Over 65 gigabytes of files in 11 top level directories (with literally hundreds of directories underneath) covering such topics as systems, graphics, documentation, selected Usenet News archives, and educational programs and materials.
  62. - 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and information
  63. WinSite - Windows shareware and trialware
  64. WinZip Home Page
  65. - Library of 75,000 Web objects and graphics.

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