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How To Find and Avoid Toxic Vinyl (PVC) Products in Your Home


A new Greenpeace report, "This Vinyl House: Hazardous Additives in Vinyl Consumer Products and Home Furnishings," exposes hidden dangers from vinyl (pvc) products. The report shows that children are being needlessly exposed to hazardous and inadequately tested chemicals found in vinyl plastic childcare products and home furnishings.

Independent laboratories analyzed items for Greenpeace, from vinyl mattress pads to vinyl flooring, and found a range of additives, primarily phthalates and organotins, but also lead, cadmium and bisphenol A.

The chemicals found in the products have been shown to cause a variety of adverse health effects. Some phthalates cause liver cancer, kidney damage and reproductive system impairment in animals. Organotins cause reproductive and developmental damage in animals and nervous and respiratory problems in humans. The Greenpeace report demonstrates the cumulative exposure to all vinyl products tested.

Most chemicals remain untested, meaning parents can't be sure whether these products are harmful to their children. "We should not gamble with the health of children" said Mary-Elizabeth Harmon, PhD, Greenpeace Toxics Campaign Scientist. "There are cheap, safer alternative products readily available to consumers."


The Greenpeace Report: This Vinyl House: Hazardous Additives in Vinyl Consumer Products and Home Furnishings (pdf format)
Short Video on the Report with comments from Pediatrician Benjamin Gitterman and Greenpeace Scientist Mary Elizabeth Harmon (real player)
Where PVC's Lurk within your home.
FAQ about PVC in your home.
Greenpeace International Database For Construction Material Alternatives to PVC
2000 Report Card For Toy Manufactureers & Retailers
ACTION: Tell the Consumer Product Safety Commission to protect families from PVC products in the home
Join Greenpeace


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