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Flying Posthaste Into Human Destruction.

By Michael Levy. Copyright 28th Feb 2002

The more we study nature and all the magnificent variety of creatures it assembles, the more we can understand and appreciate how our minds and bodies function. The more we comprehend the character our world has been molded by human ignorance, the more we can observe where we are heading as a species. It appears as though humanity is flying posthaste into a force field of self destruction.

One of the most fascinating creatures that exist on earth are a group of birds that have similarities to the actions of humans in a most definite way. The species are called "Bower birds" The male Bower bird is a skilled artist and creator of elaborate designs. Scientists have been studying these birds for a long time with great interest. They were featured on a nature program on PBS that caught my attention and fascinated my curiosity. It was narrated by David Attenborough who is a genius in the study of nature. The whole point of the Bower birds exotic behavior is to attract a female for mating.

Unlike peacocks and many other birds that show off their plumage, this bird needs to construct a Bower of intricate design on the floor of the forest from leaves, moss and twigs. It then bedecks the bower with showy trinkets such as stones, beetle shells, feathers, berries, flowers and all fashions of decorative "ornaments." Many times it will also construct a canopy for the female bird to walk through which resembles a canopy that can be found at a Jewish wedding. It is decorated with all kinds of objects the bird can pick up from its surroundings. It also steals objects from neighboring male Bower birds and will furthermore attempt to destroy the other birds bower. This has two purposes. It lessens the other birds chances to attract a mate and it enhances its own Bower. (Does this sound familiar to human behavior?)

Eventually a female will show up to check out the quality of the bower. It is then the male goes into a ritual of struts and song. The plainer the bird, the more elaborate the Bower, but the more colorful the birds plumage, the less creative are their Bowers. The whole object of the male Bowers life is to woe a mate by creative construction that can only come from an intelligence source far greater than the little pea brain the little bird possess. Despite being surrounded by the beauty of nature that most other birds enjoy, The Bower birds sole interest is his small area of self made creation. (Does this sound familiar to the close mindedness of most partitions and divisions in society?)

The similarities to human behavior cannot be denied. Most intellectual people seem to believe human beings are somehow or other a special one off breed, that is aloof from other species and nothing could be further from the truth. The cost of this ignorance is confirmed in all areas of human existence.

Every living "thing" accesses intelligence from a universal energy field. This is know as a unified energy source. However, each life force possesses a unique identity formed and evolved by their own surroundings and needs for survival. Many species evolved in a manner that seemed quite normal for them, but it was not as nature intended, it was not natural and their normal behavior designated them to extinction well before the natural life plan was enacted.

There are two paths to follow in the development of each specie. One path is enhanced by an awareness of universal laws that continues to blossom and savors the delightful treasures of existence. The other is a narrow-minded avenue of survival that does not always follow universal laws and tries to reformulate the master blueprints of nature. They do appear get away with it for quite a while, but eventually they go so far removed from the grand architects plans that their foundations crumble. The results are after many generations of mayhem the species becomes extinct too soon.

The Bower birds attachment to objects could become so acute that the female may evolve to the state of mind that no Bower is good enough for her. Therefore she will cease to mate with the male and the species will become extinct. (Not tonight dear, I have a headache) This may also happen if the males become too aggressive in building their Bowers and start to not only steal from other males, but attack and kill them (Does this sound familiar?)

Humans have evolved into a sophisticated species that contain both positive and negative intellectual thoughts, but it is the negative aspects of life that holds court with in the psyche. It seems the modern day mortal is dying far too soon because of stress related dis-ease. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other ailments all come from attachments to an inauthentic actuality. The medical profession are trying to patch up our frail systems with medications and surgery. The medical patchwork quilt treats the effects of our addictions, but can do nothing to stop our relentless evolving into a self destructive mode of living.

The Bible is a good place to find the cause of our self destructive path. It all started when Adam took a bite out of the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. This is symbolic because the human intellect established an identification with the "things" it could create, instead of remaining connected with the genuine source of creation. Humanity was in big trouble and the reference point of thought became the artificial world of attachment to materialism.

Humans beings began to evolve in a normal man made manner that the intellect approved, but ceased to exist in a natural manner that the creator approved.

The continuation of egotistical thinking over a 30,000 year period has given humans a DNA and genes that are programmed in a way that will lead to mortal destruction. Unless we can change the pattern of misguided thinking by reconstructing our thought process and patterns, we are condemned into the self disintegration of humanity. The hi-tech revolution with all its weaponry, along with the sham world of egoistical thinking, will become moralities demise. We are children playing with mis-matches of beliefs that will explode the hell fires of annihilation.

We are akin to the bower birds, but alas we have "progressed" down a slippier slope of the human intellect and the grip is far too tight to be release. It is a bull dog grip that is locked into a mode of living that cannot contain its power for greed and its entrapment in fear. Humans have built a bower that is sinking into the bowels of the earth... In other worlds...Humanity is being flushed down the Toilet by mis-conditioned thinking!!

There is only one true high-way out of the dark shadows of the egotism. But there are many paths to sink humanity further into the mire. Unfortunately there are only but a handful of humans who know the way towards the light, bright, Joy filled life, but they are ridiculed by society in general. They are also ignored by science and religion, for each sector believes it must maintain its own power base, or it will disappear. Most organizations are being paid large amounts of money from divided segments of the community who live in ignorance of authentic meaning. The chances of them accepting a higher reality of living is not an option they will readily consider. Dogmas and doctrines still hold the power to suppress authentic meaning.

We are all living in the Garden of Eden right now. We live in utopia, paradise, heaven on earth. People who cannot see that only add to the self destruction of Humanity. Will the Bower bird survive its attachment to ornaments and trimmings rather than nature? Will humans survive their attachments to the catastrophic forces of negative emotion?

At this moment in time it looks unlikely humanity can stop itself from a major calamity within a very short time span. Unless the few humans that live an authentic natural lifestyle are acknowledged and their philosophy respected, "normality" will sentence the lambs to the slaughter.

Ask yourself...Is it time to start to live a life of J-O-Y every second the clock ticks.....Just - Obey - Yourself...Your true self...Not the intellectual that holds the matches to light the fires of devastation.

The Ego that holds the chain of command will be the power that flushes humanity back into the Bowels of the earth.......

Well, let's at least look at the good side of human extinction... It will allow the Bower birds to pick up all the ornamental human remains and make a beautiful, exquisite Bower.









Michael Levy is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who since retirement from his textile business in 1992 has focused his life on identifying and overcoming the forces that are harmful to maintaining an enjoyable life. Having experienced a state of Joy throughout his life, Michael is now using his experience to help others find their true natural self so that they can live a blissful, energetic, anxiety free life.

In 1998 Michael established Point of Life, Inc., as a vehicle to project his philosophy and spiritual understanding. The website and the associated newsletter (Point Of Life Global Newsletter) are visited and read by thousands of people around the world every month. Michael is a frequent speaker on radio, television and at seminars where he shares and discusses his views about the purpose of life, finding peace and enjoyment and leading a healthy, stress-free life. In 2002 Michael was invited to become a member of the prestigious Templeton Speaker's Bureau.

Michael has recently established the Point of Life Foundation, a National Heritage Foundation dedicated to bridging the gap between science and religion and to bringing a clear, unbiased message to the general public to help them lead a meaningful, sharing and enjoyable existence. Starting in 2003 the Point of Life Foundation will present seminars and conferences bringing together opinion leaders from the fields of science, religion, medicine, philosophy and nutrition to help find common guidelines for leading a purposeful life. He produced directed and was a key note speaker at an eight hour event: "A Day Of Truth Wisdom & Love" at the biggest theater in South Florida.

Michael Levy is the author four books "What is the Point? ISBN 0966806905", "Minds of Blue Souls of Gold"ISBN 0966806913 , "Enjoy Yourself - It's Later Than You Think"ISBN "0966806921 and "Invest with a Genius"ISBN "0966806948. His poetry and essays now grace many web sites, Journals and Magazines throughout the world.. Web Sites :



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