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Indoor Air Quality

Recent US government studies by the EPA have shown that household toxins are really toxic. These toxins can pose the greatest hazard to you and  your family's health.

Living in a non-toxic home while still maintaining an energy efficient home. When making a home more energy efficient, it is important to eliminate air leaks in the home. Having an air tight home, it is important that you keep the toxins and pollution sources out of your home. Toxins include organic chemicals, formaldehyde, lead, radon, carbon monoxide, etc. The best way to avoid indoor contamination is to keep products out of your home that contain these materials. Choose household cleaning products, furnishings, paints, and flooring that are made with natural or non-toxic materials. 

Try to remove building supplies made with formaldehyde, furniture made from synthetic materials, gas appliances, heaters, office supplies with volatile ingredients, plastics, pesticides, scented beauty and hygiene products,  synthetic cleaning products, and synthetic fabrics and fibers.

Having a home with air leaks will not flush out any pollutants unless air is pushed hard. The best option is to have a home that is well ventilated and that you can control. Use air-to-air heat exchangers to flush out stale air and recover the proper temperature.

Houseplants can also help clean the air by removing gases such as benzene, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, and ozone. Houseplants can actually help remove pollutants through photosynthesis. Some of the best living household plants include: bamboo, aloe vera, chrysanthemums, dracaena palms, english ivy,  golden pothos, Janet Craig,  philodendrons,  scheffleras, and spider plants.






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