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Oh no! Do you hear a buzzing sound? Its that time a year again. Fly Season! Here are some non-toxic options to choose from.


Indoor Solutions:

The old standby use a flyswatter.
Sprinkle dry soap or borax into the bottom of your trash cans after they have been washed and dried.
Dont leave food around the house. Keep your counters clean. Try not to leave dirty dishes in the sink. Rinse dishes off before leaving them in the sink.
Hanging mint or basil around the home also repels flies. Hang a fresh pine branch in the kitchen. Flies do not like pine oil. Keep basil well-watered from the bottom so that it produces a stronger scent. Dried ground leaves left in small bowls or hung in muslin bags are also effective.
Hang a small sachet of whole or ground cloves will repel flies.
Hang pomanders on your doors. The citrus peel is a great repellent.
Scratching the rind of a fresh orange or lemon and leaving it out will allow the citrus oil to escape. Flies to not like citrus. Placing oranges and/or lemons in decorative baskets or bowels can also look nice around the house.
Here is a controversial one allow some spiders in your house. They eat flies.
During the day, you can encourage flies to leave by darkening the room and opening the door to the outside light. Flies are attracted to light and will quickly fly outdoors.
Make your own Non-Toxic Fly Paper. Here are 3 different recipes:
1. You just need a brown paper bag, cup of corn syrup and cup of sugar. Tear or cut the paper bag at the seams, and then cut 4 or 5 strips about 2 wide from the bag. Mix the ingredients in a bowl and spread it on the strips with a knife. Hang the strips over a bowl to catch drips.
2. Boil equal parts of sugar, corn syrup, and water together then dip 2 thick long strips made from a brown paper bag.
3. Spread honey on bright yellow paper strips.

 Outdoor Solutions

Get an empty plastic soda bottle. Pierce the center third of each bottle with thumbnail sized holes. Add a mixture of a banana peel, a cup of water and 2 teaspoons of sugar. The flies will be attracted to the fermenting fruit, find their way, and drown.  



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