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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

Meditative Writing

The Cup of Love

By Judith Pennington

Last New Year’s Eve, I did what I do best: I retired to my meditation room, picked up pen and paper, and asked to be given what I most needed to hear and know. Spirit was gracious, as always, with its kindly insights. Words came quickly and I scribbled across the page, "Beautiful is the dawning of mankind’s love for itself, for this marks the beginning of a new way of relating to self, the world and God."

Nothing is more important than self-love, this writing said, for self-love carries Light into the darkest corners of the world to begin healing one and all. The light of self-love emanates from us and touches All That Is, lifting and encircling each with the essence of Light, the vibration of Love from which all is made and to which all belong.
Back in 1987, when my meditative writings began, I was taught that self-love is the "carrier of the Light"; this is why the soul must kindle self-love at the earliest stage of our journey in conscious evolution. As we know intuitively and science is now proving, looking through the eyes of love enables us to see clearly and without distortion.
My New Year’s Eve writing elaborates on this theme in imagery that uplifts and inspires deeper than ordinary words. May you experience the healing currents of love that flowed into me with this teaching.
"(God’s love) is the food, the fuel, that gives and sustains life in its highest form: a trickle of gold becalming the body-mind into the stillness of the silence and its inner voice, a droplet of water patterning the liquid mind into which it sings its way home.
Not a one or two find this self-becoming a thing of truth and beauty, but one and all, for the heart knows its true self has spoken in this becoming and the mind listens to what comes and is known and heard. The body gleans healing and the spirit soars. Let this be thy presence and revel in it daily, allowing the imprint to form itself within thee and emanate from thee like the warm light of a lantern burning strongly in a stormy night. No event or thing may burn it out or cause it to flicker, for it swells from within and cannot be extinguished except by the fire–the greater Light–which gives it life. There is naught to fear, then, from anything outside of thee, dear one, as long as this current flows into the body-mind and is accepted as the life force that it is.
Hold out this cup of love to self, first, and look within it to determine what stands in the way of self-love.
Is it an old belief or pattern of behavior seeking correction? Is it the thoughts and beliefs of another? Is it still yet the unfulfilled hopes and dreams thought to be unattainable?
Let these questions reverberate through the cup of water and see what causes the ripples of disturbance. Then correct these, that the waters may be stilled and the deeper thoughts and urges of higher mind are heard more clearly and recognized as guiding truth.
When these truths are heard and known to come from within and beyond self, in the essence of the All That Is, the flow of love strengthens and a current of joy springs from deeply within to fill self and the world with love, peace and healing. Only when the cup of love within self is full may it sustain All That Is. First, fill the cup with self-love. Then offer it to all who are empty of God. Word, thought and deed are thus innervated and become beacons of Light.
Q: How does this relate to the body which does not heal, even in this Light?
A. Beloved, see that healing comes daily and is rejected by the body-mind not open to it. Receive the healing, by desire and readiness, and be transformed.
Q: What stands in the way of this?
A. The belief that only through difficulty and pain can one grow and be healed. This is not so. Pain lies in resistance to the healing energies flowing in all things and available to each. Without resistance there is no pain. Erase old beliefs with the deliberate cessation of these patterns of mind. Affirm other ways of thinking and being. Tell the body-mind that it is healed and whole and needs only the life-current of God to accomplish this. Seek these healing currents in meditation. When the body tenses, allow the affirmation to re-school it to its healed state of being.
Q: Do we not grow through pain and difficulty, which enable us to learn?
A. There is a higher way to learn: by drawing upon the higher consciousness and its universal principles of health and wholeness. Hearing the inner voice of Light and following its guidance allows us to navigate our lives into perfection. There is no obstacle to perfection but the unbelief in it. Follow your belief in goodness and beauty to this perfection and be enlightened by it along the way. Hear it, speak it, share it. Be healed by it. For it is in you and is you and more, still, the Father in All That Is. Commune with the Light through the power of this belief and your love for the Father. Watch the changes in thy life as each encumbrance, each old pattern, is released and the cup of water fills with liquid gold and becomes still for the wellspring of gold that is the voice of God.
Any disturbance in the surface of the water in the cup of life is caused by the absence of self-love. Regain self-love and spiritual mastery, and be healed entirely of any defect in body, mind and spirit.
For this is the Father’s promise and His way. Enable others to see it clearly as these lessons in Truth are given to thee–painlessly–for the listening and willingness to hear.
So it has been. So it will always be, when the remembrance is present and the meditation time is retained as a food for the being.
Let this be thy first service, thy first feast of the new year, and let it take precedence over all else.
For it is All Else and All There Is.



Judith Pennington is a writer, spiritual teacher and author of a compelling personal story of transformation, The Voice of the Soul: A Journey into Wisdom and the Physics of God. She gives talks, presents workshops, and publishes books and CDs through Eagle Life Communications, an educational outreach for personal and planetary evolution. Sign up for her free monthly e-newsletter at, where you'll find articles related to this one. 




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